Pamela S. Baricuatro

Executive Director

Pamela , an AB Political Science degree holder from the University of San Carlos, was born and raised in Cebu City. She has been connected with the airline industry for the past two decades. Her global exposure cultivated her cognizance of the many socioeconomic disparities and inequalities in the world. This further fostered her need to be socially responsible and altruistic especially in the plight of the underprivileged. Pam has attended formal programs in strategy and public administration at the City University of Hongkong and at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University respectively.

Dr. Ramon S. Del Fierro, Phd

Director for Education and Trainings

Dr. Ramon is currently an Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs and Professor of Chemistry in University of San Carlos, Cebu City. As a senior academic leader in a “university with a mission”, Dr. Ramon has been a passionate advocate of volunteerism for community service. In many instances, he has participated in various charitable initiatives for the poor children and marginalized sector of society.

Through collaborative engagement with student volunteers, he plays an active role in community-building initiatives of USC to cushion the impact of poverty among the poor communities. By his own personal endeavor or by informally collaborating with few friends, he has been doing charity works. To sustain his act of generosity, he joined SimplyShare as one of the founding members.

His expertise and research interests include: Natural Products Chemistry; Biochemistry; Chemical Toxicology; Bioassays; Chemical Education; Educational Administration and  Leadership.

Atty. Manuel C. Gordon, RFC, MBA
Director for Public Relations External Affairs

McGordon is not only a lawyer but a servant leader in several clubs and civic organizations, to name a few: Ayala Business Club, Rotary Club, Junior Jaycees (JCI) and Toastmasters Club serving as president. Along with his leadership roles and corporate work, he took interest in corporate social responsibility (CSR) by initiating various programs in the area of education, environment and entrepreneurship or Triple E.

As a lawyer and business leader, he has focused on highly specialized professional segments particularly on Telecom Laws, Regulatory Risk Management and Compliance, Corporate Governance, Joint Ventures, Mergers and Acquisition, Brand Development and Trademark Protection. He has designed a Legal-Business (LegBiz) intervention system integrating his legal processes into business development, growth, operation and strategies.

In his free time, he indulges himself into writing essays, poems and speeches. He wrote a series of essays on core human values which he dubbed: “Higher Law”.

Dr. Elisse Nicole B. Catalan R.N., MD, MPH

Director for Public Health Services

Dr. Nikki’s goal is to serve the medically underserved and uninsured in the Philippines. After she earned her medical degree from Cebu Doctor’s University, and Post Graduate Internship in the Philippines General Hospital, she pursued a Masters of Public Health degree from Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York, USA. Moreover, she participated in various Continuing Medical Education programs in Harvard, Columbia, University of San Francisco California, among others.

Dr. Nikki is using the power of pen in promoting public health among the underprivileged Filipinos. She wrote an article entitled: “Cotton Balls and Compassion: A Young Doctor Deals with Life and Death in a Public Hospital”- OSM

Helbert P. Espinoza, CPA, MBA

Director For Finance

Helbert is a finance guy who is fond of weaving together numbers to ensure that every centavo is accounted for. With his ten-year experience as Audit and Finance Officer for various service industries, every business organization he joins is confident that the flow of money spending under his watch cannot escape from his auditing scrutiny.

With international experience working as Audit Lead for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance audit, Helbert has ripened into a financial wizard with controls and processes always in place when he assumes the job of a financial officer.

Other than his deep involvement in Rotary Club of Cebu South as incoming president, he also established his businesses either individually or collectively in the area of automobile service, management, finance/tax consultancy, and telecom network installation.