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About Us

SimplyShare Foundation Inc. (SSFI), a non-profit organization established in August 2015 is a duly registered company recognized by the Securities and Exchange Commission in the Philippines. SSFI is primarily devoted to fight hunger and under nutrition in the most vulnerable communities in the Philippines. Its advocacy, to eradicate hunger, is anchored on the strong belief that food security is a precursory need towards a better quality of life.

About one million Filipino children suffer from acute malnutrition in the Philippines, of its causes the most prominent are poverty and social deprivation that lead to a profound effect on the children’s overall development and ultimately, the chance to succeed in adult life.

This prompted a group of like-minded young professionals to come together and create a foundation centered on feeding undernourished Filipino children. This advocacy that started in Cebu intends to form a Food Bank as it is believed that access to food is largely a logistics problem.

To date, SimplyShare Foundation Inc. is feeding over 2000 children in the province of Cebu through school based feeding programs wherein the nutritional status of school children are monitored regularly. With your help, we hope to alleviate the plight of more children not just in Cebu but in other places in the Philippines as well.

SimplyShare calls for a broader collaboration among socially responsible individuals and institutions to simply share their talent, time and resources for the hungry and undernourished Filipino children.

Our Vision… to simply share a part of ourselves to achieve a hunger-free and healthy Filipino youth.

Our Mission… to feed and nourish underprivileged Filipino children.

Our Values… to plant the seed of generosity in each individual, encouraging to simply share for the betterment of the hungry and undernourished Filipino children.